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Since our inception, Matrix Group Asia has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality search practice.

We started in 2013 as Complete Executive Search (CES). We re-branded ourselves in 2015 to MATRIX Group Asia to better connect with people and to define our expanding services.

Founded by financial experts, the foundations for searches of primary financial positions was established. With a growing portfolio of clients, we have diversified into positions in other industries including hospitality, real estate and the legal industry. We partner with listed and private companies including professional services providers, shipping firms, legal firms, and hotel chains.

We run contingency and retainer searches across Asia for positions at all levels. 


We cherish talent diversity  
Every organization and every individual is unique and requires a unique approach.


We connect people  
In this current highly fast-paced environment, we help to build a network.

We create opportunities
We search for the perfect match between our clients and candidates.

We believe in industry specialization  
It creates expertise, focus, speed and quality.

We aim to be our client's trusted partner  
Not only in talent search and talent development, but in understanding the company's culture, needs and challenges.


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